The Aladzha Monastery

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Life in the monastery

Liturgy The name derives from the Greek word λειτουργία – “joint activity”, “public service”. In the orthodoxy this is the main liturgy – the centre of church life for any orthodox Christian. It consists of numerous prayers, chants, Gospel reading and the priest sermons. The liturgy centre is the...... read more »

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Audio-visual spectacle “Legends of Aladzha Monastery”

The audio-visual spectacle “Legends of Aladzha Monastery” was created with funds granted by Varna Municipality in support of the initiative to support the application of Varna as European Capital of Culture in 2019. The spectacle is a joint production of the Producer House CSM – Sofia and the Regional Historic Museum of Varna and is dedicated to the 150-anniversary from the...... read more »

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Legends and Mysteries

The Legends No written evidence is available about the past of this medieval monastic cloister. Only the legends have survived, recounted by the local population and recorded by Victor Teplyakov, the Shkorpil Brothers and other researchers. The legends are the most attractive detail of the mysterious world of the Aladzha Monastery. Cult places have always attracted ordinary people with...... read more »

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