Временни изложби

NeoNlitic 2.0 at Varna Regional Museum of History, Bulgaria

9 – 16 october 2020
NeoNlitic 2.0 at Varna Regional Museum of History, Bulgaria
Vernissage: 9 October 2020, at 19.00
Finissage: 16 October 2020, at 19.00

✶ Curator: Mihaela Ion
✶ Artists: Daniel Loagar (RO) – artist & organizer, Andrei Cornea (RO) – artist and organizer, Neno Belcev (BG), Sofia from Sofia (Bg) Ina Valentinova(BG), Evghenia Gritscu (UKR), Alex Manea (RO), Ana Maria Panaitescu (RO), Astian Rey (UKR), Carla Schoppel (RO), Gergana Ivanova (BG), Grosu Denisa (RO), IRLO (RO), Lora Markova (BG), Teodor Stefan (RO), Tatiana Zubchenko (UKR)
✶ Guest artists: Marian Codrea (RO), Marius Gheorghe (RO), Raluca Bajenaru (RO), Roxana Tomescu (RO)

The “NeoNlitic” project made by the Wood Be Nice Association and co-financed by “The Administration of the National Cultural Fund, aims to support and promote artistic production, by capitalizing on the common cultural heritage and reinterpreting the aesthetics of Cucuteni and Hamangia cultures through modern artistic production techniques. From a cultural and artistic point of view, the project intends to take over ancient artistic elements and to capitalize on the common cultural heritage and aesthetics of the Neolithic civilizations whose vestiges were discovered on the territory of our country. In particular, the international artists involved in the project turned their attention to two nationally and regionally representative cultures: the Cucuteni culture and the Hamangia culture.
The international exhibition will be available also in:
Ukraine, 24 – 31 October 2020, Cernăuţi, at Vernissage Gallery
Romania, 5 – 28 November 2020, Bucharest, MNIR (The Romanian National History Museum)