Studies on the North Fortress Wall and Masonry Plumbing of Late Antique Odessos

July 23, 2014

On the territory ofOdessos’archaeological reserve rescuearchaeologicalfieldwork werecarried out. The main goal of the research was to trace and study the Northern late antique wallofOdessosand masonryplumbingthat supplied the citywithdrinking water. The excavations we are about to present are sequel, in south-east direction, of a field work that took place a decade ago and revealed asection ofthe city wall, west from the excavations we are commenting now, and anattached water tankwith a piece ofwater main.

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Archaeological research in the Ancient Odessos and Medieval Varna in 2013

October 22, 2013

The presented archaeological site is situated on 22 Tsar Ivan Shishman Street, Varna, Bulgaria.
In the northeast part of the terrain was found a well, with a depth of about 4.7 m.The well is dug in a rectangular shape, with precisely shaped and placed dry stone lining. The well’s walls are oriented inthe cardinal directions, with a tolerance of 5o on N/E – S/W axis. One additional layer of stones is preserved on both east and west sides of the well.

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