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After entering the lobby, approach the Information desk (i) where you may pay your entrance fee.
The prices for this and other museums are listed below.

Here you may also purchase some information materials, together with souvenirs and specialized books.
In the lobby you will see two touch screen information kiosks. They may provide you with information about the exposition and the whereabouts of the more interesting and significant items in our collection. Using them you may also see the disposition of the museum’s premises.

Сензорни информационни киоски





The exposition itself is arranged chronologically, consequently displaying the heritage of various historical eras and periods, following thousands years of human, technological and social development in the region of Varna.
Special attention is paid to the history of the city of Odessos/Varna – from its founding in the Early Antiquity until the Late Middle Ages.
Thank you for not bringing in the museum food, pets, etc.
!You may take photos in the exposition halls only after paying a fee!
For all different questions or problems, please contact the person at the Information desk.
You will need about one hour to look through our exposition.

  • Visiting hours: oktober - may - from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Days off:  sunday and monday

We hope that you will enjoy your visit!

The Museum’s address is 41 Maria Luisa Blvd.
You will find us next to the tall building of the Varna’s City hall.


To reach us you may use buses № 7, 8, 12, 14, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 148, 409.


Ticket prices

Museum or historical site Entrance fee – adults Entrance fee – students
Museumof Archaeology 10.00 lv 3.00 lv
Roman Thermae 5.00 lv 3.00 lv
Aladzha Monastery 5.00 lv 3.00 lv
The Stone Forest 5.00 lv 3.00 lv
Museum of Ethnography 5.00 lv 3.00 лв
Museum of Natural Scienses 5.00 lv 3.00 lv
Museum of National Revival 5.00 lv 3.00 lv
Museum of Varna's History 5.00 lv 3.00 lv
Educational Museum 3.00 lv 3.00 lv
Small Roman Thermae 2.00 lv 2.00 lv



Children under age of 6 free
Special daysdeclared by the Ministry of Culture or the Municipality of Varna free


Prices for group visits:

Museum or historical site Entrance fee – adults Entrance fee – students
Museum of Archaeology 8.00 lv 3.00 lv
Roman Thermae 4.00 lv 3.00 lv
Aladzha Monastery 4.00 lv 3.00 lv


Organized walk-throughs with a Museum Guide


Museum or historical site Entrance fee – adults Groups (up to 50 persons)
Museum of Archaeology 20.00 lv 30.00 lv
Roman Thermae 20.00 lv 30.00 lv
Aladzha Monastery 20.00 lv 20.00 lv

Ticket prices are in Bulgarian lev. One lev is approximately 0.50 euros